We provide a comprehensive and forward-thinking property management service. Comprehensive because we provide a series of attributes which will ensure the smooth day to day running of your property and forward-thinking because we make sure that Austin Samuels and our clients are kept up to date with ever changing legislation, regulation and safety guidance. We do not leave anything to chance.

Every property is unique and our clients whether a landlord or tenant will require knowledge and support from a reputable and professional agent like Austin Samuels.

A well-managed tenancy keeps both tenants and landlords happy and ensures the upkeep of your most expensive asset. A property managed by us holds a lot of weight with tenants.

A tenant is more likely to offer on a property which is professionally managed. By choosing Austin Samuels to market and manage your property you will avoid the responsibility and stress of maintaining your property confident in the knowledge it is all being done for you.

Quick and efficient communication, prompt repairs, maintaining good relationships and the use of technology are top of our agenda enabling us never to lose sight of what is important while managing a client’s property or portfolio.

Austin Samuels offers a full comprehensive management package. With peace of mind throughout the tenancy, we will deal with all issues that arise relating to the property including the following:

  • Designated personal property manager
  • Annual safety tests arranged
  • Mid-term inspections
  • Repairs and maintenance carried out by qualified and vetted contractors
  • Transfer of utilities
  • Rent collection and credit control service
  • Key holding service
  • Deposit claims negotiated on your behalf
  • Rent guarantee and legal protection (when requested)
  • Managing the check-out process
  • Support with legal documentation
  • Assistance with insurance claims

The great service we provide means that there is no tenant contact required for you and statistically your tenant is more likely to renew their tenancy because of the smooth running of the management. We will also keep you appraised of the market at the time in order to gauge trends in prices. Our aim is to give you complete peace of mind.