Your position/Affordability?

Buying a property can be exciting but also daunting. Some have already done it and know the procedure whilst for others it may be their first step on the housing ladder. Before heading out to find your ‘dream home’ you must make sure you are in the strongest position possible to be able to move quickly if you see something you want. This will also show any prospective seller that you are organised and mean business. We recommend you speak to a mortgage broker and arrange an ‘agreement in principle’ (see our Financial Services). You will then know what you can actually afford, and this will put you in a position of strength in regards to negotiating. Sometimes there is also a stumbling block you may not know about or have factored in.

Register/begin Your Search

You can register on our website for property alerts via email once you have established what you can afford. Once a new property that fits your criteria goes live, we will send you the details and contact you to see if you’re interested in further details and indeed a viewing. We will always accompany you and be on hand to answer any questions or queries. You can also utilise the major property portals that we advertise on.

Offer Stage

When you have found your ‘dream home’ you can offer an amount you are willing to pay for the property along with any special conditions or requests. There is no legal obligation at this point although we suggest you demonstrate your position showing proof of your deposit along with your ‘agreement in principle’ which as mentioned above shows that you’re organised and willing to move quickly on a potential purchase. This also helps if there are any other interested parties in the property.

Offer Agreed

When an offer has been accepted and the sale agreed, each party would need to instruct conveyancing solicitors. You may already have a solicitor but if not, we can recommend someone. We have a list of preferred conveyancers. Once we have received all the details for each parties solicitors we send out a memorandum of sale to all sides detailing the sale and everything that has been agreed which allows the solicitors to make contact and begin the legal process of the sale/purchase.

Conveyancing and Survey

A survey will need to be arranged by you requested by your lender. There are three types of survey offered by mortgage lenders, they are mortgage valuation, homebuyers report or building survey. The age and condition of the property will generally determine which type of survey you opt for but your solicitor or we can guide you should you need some help. Once the survey has taken place the official mortgage offer will follow, meaning the bank is happy to lend you the funds and you are in now in a position to exchange.

Your solicitor will ensure that you legally purchase the property and will undertake the transfer of funds to the seller’s solicitor on the day of completion. With assistance from ourselves they will:

  • Apply for local authority searches once they receive the draft contract from the seller’s solicitor
  • Report to you whilst highlighting any particular points within the contract they feel need bringing to your attention
  • Make sure there are no hazards within the vicinity of your potential new property
  • Offer the Exchange once a completion has been agreed by all parties

Exchange Of Contracts

Being in receipt of your official mortgage offer and once your conveyancing solicitor is satisfied that everything is in order the contract will be sent to you for signature. We recommend you either sign the contract in the presence of your solicitor or return it by Royal Mail tracked delivery. You will then have to transfer the deposit (agreed with your lender) to your solicitor in anticipation of exchange. A completion date will be agreed between both parties and exchange of contracts will take place. At this point it now becomes legal and binding. Extreme financial consequences are faced by either party should they want to withdraw


You will have organised your removal prior to or on the morning of the day. In anticipation of completion your mortgage lender will transfer the completion monies to your solicitor. On the day your solicitor will transfer the full amount to the sellers solicitor in the morning. This normally takes place on a Friday but could be any day of the week. Once funds are received the seller’s solicitor will contact ourselves to confirm the transaction has concluded satisfactorily and that we can now release the keys to the new owner, you! You will be thrilled to obtain your new keys and we will arrange a convenient place to get them to you or meet you at the property.