Austin Samuels are proud to partner with Mortgage Solutions to offer our clients a reputable and reliable Independent Financial advice.

Your experience dealing with Matthew Gamble of Mortgage Solutions aims to be as smooth and hassle free as possible.
His aim is to guide you through the jungle that is the mortgage industry, which can not only be confusing with a vast array of lenders out there, but more importantly weaving through lenders lending criteria, which is always evolving and changing.

Approaching the correct lender as opposed to the bank you have your main account with or who sourced top of an internet search for rates, can result in a significant uplift in maximum lending capacity, which in turn could open up better property options you thought was beyond reach.

Being a whole-of-market, Matthew is not ‘tied’ in his advice and prides himself in ensuring the client fully understands not only the mortgage products that are being signed up to, but explains step-by-step how the mortgage and house purchase process works. You will have a direct point of contact during the whole process, including beyond when the mortgage offer is produced.

It is strongly recommended that you should establish your mortgage affordability, whether you are a first-time buyer or home-mover, and ideally obtain a ‘Decision In Principle’, before you start actively house hunting. Generic online affordability calculators are a good guide as to the ball park amount you might be able to borrow, but each lender operates different criteria and the options available are too complex to cover everything in one calculator, so if you are looking to borrow near the top end of your affordability, it is recommended you speak to a professional first as they will be best placed to provide you with more precise information.

The initial consultation is free of charge and there is no obligation to use his services. So please make an enquiry and we will assist you with your mortgage options as best as we can.

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